The Process | We specialise in large scale resort kitsets and construction supplies, added to this we have a consistent record of supporting these projects with later upgrades and further development. Our kitset housing projects are smaller scale but always treated with the same high level of detailed attention and care.

No project is too big or too small | We work closely with the owners and/ or their consultants in the planning stages to streamline the process and avoid unnecessary issues later in the project. Our professional staff are available to meet and discuss your requirements anywhere. We are regularly in South East Asia, have a Group office in UK and we are available to travel anywhere to facilitate a client’s project planning.

Quotations are prepared accurately and promptly. We can offer suggestions and technical advice if required during the pricing stages and often work with architects and advisors at this point of the process to assist a client in clarifying what the most efficient solution is for their specific project.

Our qualified site advisors are available to assist with onsite construction methods and material usage; this is often during the early stage of the project. We are also able to supply technical advisors for specific issues as required. We have the support and expertise of a local structural engineering company that has extensive experience in the Republic of Maldives. We supply our own shop drawings for onsite construction.

We work closely with a local New Zealand joinery and glass company that produce an excellent product, joinery comes made up with glazing in place for many projects but can be tailored to requirements of a particular project or client.

We use the Mitek computer system to design and detail the precut wall and roof framing components, with computer detailed drawings for construction. The components are clearly marked and identified for ease of on site assembly.

Quotes | We quote your plans to comply New Zealand Standards 3604-2011. Anything outside this is designed by our structural engineer and can be reviewed by any local engineers or other professionals, assuring you of a high quality, durable building and compliance with all local standards and requirements.

We deal direct with shipping companies ensuring the best possible shipping times, comprehensive container loading facilities for maximum space usage and protection of cargo. We offer a professional service accompanied by a complete commitment to a quality product at a competitive price. We support this with our extensive technical knowledge and experience.

We are proud of our track record in the Maldives, Japan, Seychelles and our other markets and would be pleased to supply references and contacts to provide assurance and confidence to prospective clients.


Professional expertise and technical knowledge

Our professional staff have extensive technical knowledge, expertise and experience in all areas of Resort and Housing construction supplies and the wider timber industry.


Almost two decades of resort building experience

Flight Timbers Resort Contracts has worked on many outstanding projects for over 20 years in a variety of exciting and challenging locations.